• Zack Salloum

EpeirIO-2HBDC, Two Full Bridges Intelligent Control Module

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I. Features

  • 2 Fully controllable Full Bridges

  • Sensorless Intelligent Motor Control for speed and position

  • 4 configurable analog or digital inputs

  • Multiple modules configuration

  • Intelligent control

  • Software customizable

  • 2 Communication ports : SPI, Ethernet, WIFI, Serial…

  • Redundancy option for increased reliability

II. Applications

  • Intelligent Motor Control

  • LED Lighting Control

  • DC Relay Control

  • DC/DC Converter

III. Description

The EpeirIO-2HBDC module is an intelligent control module designed to give an elegant solution to control any electromagnetic device.

This combination of features and small size makes the EpeirIO suitable for a wide range of applications, and is an easy-to-use solution in application requiring intelligent control.

The Intelligent Motor Control feature doesn’t require any type of encoders to determine the position or the speed of the controlled motor, which reduces the complexity and the cost of the overall system.

The EpeirIO-2HBDC is fully configurable with an easy-to-use software which enables the user to configure any application visually.

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