• Zack Salloum

The Missing Task In Project Management Software

At the kickoff of any project in engineering development environment, all the tasks are set, as for their dependencies.

When the engineer estimates the task to be completed, the “setup” for the task is included in the estimation.

The “setup” for the task is anything that is required te be done before the task, like setting the prototype, installing the software or a learning curve or simply to clear the mind of the developer to be able to process the task.

This “setup” is underestimated or simply omitted in multi-projects environments, the engineers need to work on more urgent tasks on different projects. This omission generates a gap between the actual project timing and what is planned. The more interruptions, the more the gap is important.

To deal with this issue, a simple solution would be to implement a simple predecessor “setup” task for any task. When the engineer is interrupted to work on other projects, the timing required to re-work on the task is automatically added and all the time frames are updated.

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