• Zack Salloum

The Observer Effect (Paradox) in Quantum mechanics. Is it really a Paradox?


The observer effect in quantum mechanics is explained as: “The act of observation will make on a phenomenon being observed (Wikipedia)”

In quantum mechanics, we prove by the double-slit experiment: The electron acts as a particle when not observed and as a wave when observed. This has inspired the scientists to develop many fantastic theories.

I have my explanation about this phenomenon, I’ll spare everyone the mathematical proof and the equations, and I’ll talk physics!

We know about the matter and wave–particle duality, which is postulated in thesis of Dr. Louis de Broglie. This concept is known as the de Broglie hypothesis, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.

It is not strange that any particle can act as a wave. What is “strange” is the observation effect.

From the beginning of the discovery of electricity, many physicists have contributed to understand how to control this force (Electricity). The study of electricity and the entire electrical phenomenon is simply to control the flow of electrons in some medium and the effects of this flow on the universe. One effect of the electrons flow is the magnetic effect. The flow of the electrons creates instantly a flow of photons that spin around the flow of electrons. Vice-versa the variation of the flow of photons thru a surface creates instantly a flow of electrons. This is the basis of the electro-magnetic theory.

From a physical point of view, an electrons flow is always entangled with a photons flow. Any disturbance to the flow of one will definitely affects the flow of the other!

It is not “strange” that the observer affects the outcome of the experience in question since we use electronic devices to measure the electrons behavior. Not having any effect would be strange!!

 I think we should learn from this experience how to harness this effect: changing the electron particle into wave and vice-versa. Mother Nature is doing this already with the simplest form of life: the photosynthesis.

The photosynthesis is incredibly efficient way to transform solar energy into food. It is nearly 100% efficient, vastly superior to any known technology. Mother Nature does that simply by transforming the exciton particle in the leaf to a wave to reach the reaction center of the leaf.

Just imagine a world when we can harness nearly 100% the energy of the sun!

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